Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Welcome to our Christian Art Songs blogsite. As you will notice this site is quite new but it's more or less complete in terms of contents. The core items we intend to highlight on this blog are mostly in placed and functioning.


By definition, an Art Song is a previously composed poem set to music. Hence, Christian Art Songs could then be defined or explained in some identical phraseology as an art song but with much religious or spiritual undertones.

With special permission from Ms. Sara Taracio of New Hope Books (A Salesian Mission), who was very generous in allowing me to set some of their poems to music, you will now have an opportunity to experience a different type of musicality that may not be all too common these days, plus a personal collection of "made-for-children-tunes" which are intended to instruct and inspire young minds, and grown ups well, to reflect on the beauty all around and breathe the life-giving power of an ever-present God who never for a moment stops sharing Himself to us in ways beyond human imagining. We could only marvel at all of it if we take the time to do so. A "really" special thanks to all the writer-poets, whom God uses to impart His wisdom and beauty, for being instruments of these wonderful inspired works without which these so-called Christian Art Songs would not have been possible.

Listen to the tunes yourselves and/or sing-along, if you may. Praise the highest heavens for these Art Songs!

(In an alphabetized order, just click on a song title on the right-hand column of this page to listen to a particular art song. Click on the blog title to get back to the main page.)

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